The Marathon - Peoples Run

The "Peoples Run Marathon"

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The Peoples Run is a running event that includes a classic marathon and two non-competitive races of 7 km and 2 km

It is held in Tirana (capital of Albania).

At the end of October in Tirana the average temperature does not exceed 18/20 degrees Celsius.


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The Peoples Run takes place on a  flat city circuit: it should be walked three times for the marathon, and one for the non-competitive 7 km. The start / finish is on Mother Teresa Square, close to University and to the stadium.

The path goes through all the most beautiful areas of the Tirana, that make the town like any modern European city. The contrasts between the typical buildings of the communist times (like the pyramid located on Central Avenue) and examples of fascist architecture, built at a time when Albania was part of the Italian Empire, are still evident. Most of the route runs along the river: this area is the symbol of the new Albania after the demolition of a great number of illegal buildings.